Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start posting an ad?
Go to the top right hand corner of and either click “+Signup” or click “Login” and enter your username and password (if you have registered already). Upon your first registration, you will get a welcome email in your inbox. If you are already logged in, click on “Post an Ad”

If I post an ad, will I see it right afterwards on the site?
No, you will not see it immediately. Your ad will be in review by the Administrator and once it has been approved you will get a notification email.

How is payment accepted?
You can pay by electronic bank transfer, direct bank deposit or by requesting a Paypal invoice. You must select a Membership Plan, to get started with the payment process. Once you have made your payment, please send your screen shot/deposit slip scan to [email protected]

What types of products/services can I post?
You can post any types of products or services, which fit into the categories provided. Should you not see a category for your product/service, you can email [email protected] to make a request.

If I take a membership package, what can I post?
If you take a membership package for 30, 60, 90 or 180 days you are entitled to unlimited posts to any category(ies) during that period. At the end of your time period, your ads will automatically be removed.

My prices vary for the product/service I want to post, what should I do?
If you are offering a customised package, you must provide a starting price in the “price” field. There is no need to put in the dollar sign ($) as this is built into the field.  All prices are in TTD.

Can I see the number of times my ad has been viewed?
Yes, you can see the number of views on your ad’s homepage.

What format and orientation should my image be in? 
Ideally the image you post should be in jpeg or png format. It should have a horizontal format/orientation and should not be more than 2MB in size. You can post an image with a vertical orientation but it will be re-sized into the existing image template parameters.

Can I share my ad on social media directly from my account on TW marketplace?
Yes – you can share to Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin. You have to log in to your account first and then you will see the “Share” icons.

Do I have to manually remove my listing after my time period is up?
You can go to your Account and delete an ad at any time. However, at the end of your time period, your ad will automatically be removed.

Can I pause, delete or edit my ad, on my own?
Yes in your dashboard ( once you log in) you can pause, delete or edit ads using the icons.  If you edit your existing ad or image, your ad will be pending approval from the Administrator. Once it is approved again, you will get an email notification.

When should I pause my ad?
In your dashboard ( once you log in) you can pause your ad. Your ad will now appear as “offline.” Pausing your promotion is best for e.g. if you are going to be out of the country and would not be able to handle the sale.

Can users report ads that are offensive, invalid offers or spam?
Yes, they can report your ad by using the megaphone icon (under the main banner) on your ad’s homepage.

If someone is interested in buying my product/service, how will I know?
Buyers will contact you via the “Contact Owner” button or via the phone number on your ad’s listing. If they email you, you will then get a notification email. Please regularly check your Spam Folder in case emails go there in error.

If my item is sold what should I do?
You would need to log in to your account and mark your item as sold on your dashboard.